First VC in 🚀

First VC in 🚀
Mammad Karim, GM @ Caucasus Ventures (left), Metin Emenullahi, CEO @ Agcurate (right)

We have onboarded Caucasus Ventures as our first VC investor at Agcurate 🚀

This is a key milestone for us to gain acceleration towards servicing Food Producers with:

- better products 📱

- customer relationships 🤝

- all of our focus and energy directed into making agricultural operations investable 💶, sustainable ♻️ and resilient to climate change 🌎

❗️While the fundraising round continues with its full power, it plays a key role in giving us 18 months to fully focus on the daily, weekly and seasonal challenges in agricultural operations ❗️

🚀 We are fundraising 🚀

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As it’s been embroidered in our company culture, we approach our customers not only to sell something to them, but to be their partner in-crime 🥷

We believe that every #B2B is essentially a #B2C and by being in constant communication with the agri-operations teams allows us to create even better products for the organisations as a whole.

With this respect, we’d like to welcome Mammad Karim and the rest of the Caucasus Ventures team onboard. Thank you for believing in and now supporting us in our mission 🤘

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