Agcurate FieldOps™️ is now serving Yildiz Holding's Kerevitaş

Agcurate FieldOps™️ is now serving Yildiz Holding's Kerevitaş

We are happy to announce that we are a proud partner of Yıldız Holding’s Kerevitaş in their agri-operations😎

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✨📣 Yildiz Ventures Lab proudly announces another co-innovation project from a successful collaboration story! 🌟 🚀 Sharing news from Yıldız Holding's…

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We have built our flagship product Agcurate FieldOps™️ not only by ideating and creating the technology, but also by receiving massive amounts of user feedback to formulate real-world use cases from the fields via the help of agri-operations professionals, such as Kerevitaş’s field teams 🤝

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FieldOps™️ in Action

Collaborations are extremely important because of bidirectional flow of information which enable both sides to be empowered by each other. In return, enormous value is created! 🙌

Tune in for more updates from us about our collaborations to make agriculture more #investable, #sustainable and #resilient to #climatechange 💪