Dutch / Turkish startup Agcurate BV acquires an Azerbaijani Agritech Dr. Agro

Dutch / Turkish startup Agcurate BV acquires an Azerbaijani Agritech Dr. Agro
Agcurate CEO Metin Emenullahi (right) and Dr. Agro CEO Ramil Azmammadov (left)

[Arnhem, 2 May 2024] - Agcurate BV, a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious agritech startup with its HQ in Arnhem and an R&D office in Turkey, announces its acquisition of Dr. Agro LLC, a prominent Azerbaijani player, renowned for its expertise in agronomy and its extensive network in the agriculture scene in the region.

The acquisition of Dr. Agro represents a strategic move by Agcurate BV to enhance its capabilities in servicing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Food Companies and entering into the Central Caucasian market. By leveraging the agronomy expertise of Dr. Agro, particularly through the collaboration with its Co-Founder and CEO, Ramil Azmammadov, Agcurate BV aims to provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of agricultural operations to its clients.

Furthermore, it provides valuable ground data from wider regional areas and grower insights that will enrich Agcurate’s research and development operations, driving the innovation state-of-the-art in the Agritech sector.

"This acquisition marks a significant milestone for us as we continue to strengthen our position in the Agritech industry," said Metin Emenullahi, CEO of Agcurate BV. "We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents to deliver greater value to our clients and stakeholders."

“As a pioneer in the Agtech industry in Azerbaijan, we believe that there is a promising future in this acquisition. I would like to thank all who have supported us in this journey.” said Ramil Azmammadov, CEO and Co-founder of Dr. Agro

This acquisition underscores the long-term vision shared by both of the companies and their shareholders. It represents a collective commitment to advancing towards a better future through collaboration and innovation in the Agritech sector.

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Agcurate BV is an agritech startup founded in 2020 by Metin Emenullahi and Berk Ülker, with its HQ in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Via its AI co-pilot FieldOps™️, Agcurate helps CPG Food Companies to monitor their ROI on agricultural operations consistently, by providing them with actionable insights on their fields using satellite imagery and AI. Graduated from Start Life in Wageningen, facilitated by OostNL, and currently raising its pre-seed round, Agcurate aims to make agriculture more investable, sustainable and resilient against climate change. 

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Dr. Agro is operating as an online assistant for farmers by using both traditional and precision methods. The web and mobile apps with simplistic designs offer a multifunctional platform that includes budget calculation and planting programs for more than 30 plants, monthly notification alerts, climate data in the field, personal consultants, etc. Android and IOS applications help farmers to find all answers with just one click.