Agriculture as a business

Agriculture as a business

Agriculture is not only about working with the Earth, water, seeds, getting muddy, burning under the hot sun, or working with not-so-friendly-climate.

It is also a business. A rather crucial one, one might say.

As a business it is like a fine watch. A complex structure of gears and springs and levers and many other pieces, stuck together in a tiny space, working like a magic.

Earth is not a tiny place but agriculture works in a tiny space trapped under mountain of tasks that are absolutely needed to be done to sustain it.

These tasks are being done not only by the farmers, but also people that work with them, directly or indirectly. These people can range from the banking officers to the local seed salesmen, from lawyers of an organization to the agronomists who offer consultation to the farmers.

Since the contract farming is growing to be the backbone of agriculture, our current focus is to make CF organizations more efficient and optimal.

What we are working on with FieldOps™️ is to make sure those tasks that are the responsibilities of these organizations are being done in an efficient and timely manner.

Empowering Contract Farming

FieldOps in Action

Enhanced Collaboration

The product facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between agronomists, operations teams, field supervisors, risk managers, and farmers. This streamlines information sharing, promotes transparency, and fosters a collaborative approach to managing contract farming activities.

Improved Decision-Making

The product provides real-time data and insights, enabling contract farming organizations to make informed decisions related to crop management, resource allocation, and risk mitigation. This leads to more precise and timely actions, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

Risk Mitigation

The product supports risk & operations managers in assessing and mitigating potential risks, such as adverse weather conditions, disease outbreaks, or market fluctuations. This enhances the contract farming organization's ability to minimize losses and protect both crops and investments.

AI powered Crop Yield Insurance for Food & Agri Businesses

Satellite-driven Parametric Yield Index Insurance by Agcurate.

Increased Efficiency

The product's features like real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and automated reporting streamline processes, reducing manual effort and time spent on data collection and analysis. This boosts overall operational efficiency and reduces administrative burdens.

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Sustainable Practices

By offering sustainability-related insights and recommendations, the product encourages contract farming organizations to adopt environmentally friendly practices. This can lead to reduced resource wastage, improved soil health, and compliance with sustainability certifications.

Data-Driven Insights

Contract farming organizations can leverage data-driven insights generated by the product to identify patterns, trends, and performance indicators. This informs strategies for improving crop yields, resource allocation, and overall farm management.

Scalability and Expansion

With improved management practices and better decision-making, contract farming organizations are better positioned to scale their operations and expand into new markets or crops confidently.